In the spotlight? We help you shine.

CEO Positioning

CEOs and decision makers have an important role in building and maintaining a resilient corporate reputation. Everyone watches top management, but the spotlight is on the CEO, who is a key factor. Our clients seek advice and strategies to stake out intellectual territory, strengthen or repair their reputation, or properly define the organization’s strategic mission.

Westermann Advisors has a wealth of experience helping business leaders to sharpen their profile. Like building any brand, it requires a thoughtful strategic approach undertaken at the highest levels of the organization. We help change conventional thinking and to immunize you against negative perceptions.

Westermann Advisors provides high level strategic advice with no conflict of loyalties – solely concerned with supporting each client’s distinct mission, positions, and goals.

Public appearances

Giving speeches, presentations, and speaking to the media is an important part of the job. CEOs, experts, and top management need to make their case effectively. To do that it is not necessary to be a natural on stage or relish the spotlight. You can learn to give convincing presentations and deliver inspiring speeches.

We start with the content. Too often, the content delivered is complicated, overly technical, uses too many acronyms, and is better suited to an expert discussion. The media, as well as your audience in the room, want it simple, clear and convincing. We help to find the right messages, the right words, and the right tone.

We prepare your public appearances from the message delivery, the body language, to your on-stage persona. We research who you will face on the podium, in the court room or during public hearings. What expectations does your audience have? What position do your opponents represent? Are they critics or potential allies? We prepare you specifically for each occasion. 

As a member of the board of a publicly traded company, Rainer Westermann has represented CEO and CFO alike. He regularly gave presentations to investors, experts, spoke at conferences and addressed the media. He has also been interviewed for TV several times. His media training benefits from this experience. His focus is on helping you to make your case convincingly.