Frosty environment? We help you deal with it.

Crises are judged more on how you communicate than on how you actually manage them. Public opinion on facts is stronger than the facts themselves and can spread faster than ever through digital communication. The loss in reputation from a crisis can be crippling and will cost you in financial and operational strength.

Unfortunately, organizations are often not just hit hard, but are overwhelmed in a crisis. Everything happens at once and resources are spread thin. Dealing effectively with a crisis, and at the same time, continuing to care for the ongoing business, is often more than the existing team can cope with. This is exactly why calling us can make all the difference.

Acting quickly is vital to getting your viewpoint out. Once the first stories are written, they set the tone and you will be on the defensive. Accusations are often simple and deceptively credible, while defending yourself requires an amount of detail that your audience has a hard time understanding. 

Westermann Advisors believes in owning up to mistakes; figuring out what went wrong; explaining what happened; and putting into place ways to prevent it from happening again. We do not stop at mitigating the damage of a crisis but also help the organization to move forward.

Crisis prevention is under appreciated in Germany. Risk and gap analysis, early warning systems and good risk management help to anticipate a crisis. In the age of cyber crime, the increased requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, and the increasing vulnerability of organizations - which remains regardless of measures taken - make it negligent to ignore the risk to your reputation. Crisis preparedness, action plans, tools, processes, clear responsibilities and knowing who to call are invaluable when under pressure. 

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