Crisis Communications

We help manage corporate crisis situations through effective communication to mitigate the reputation impact.

As former President and Board Member of Reputation Advisors International, Rainer Westermann can put at your service a global team of crisis management professionals to deal with multinational incidents. Westermann Advisors provides 24/7 crisis response and counselling.

Acute Crisis

We act quickly to analyze the situation from a communications perspective and develop a strong defense to protect your reputation, whether it be individual or that of the company. We map stakeholders, identify the most effective communication channels and develop messages that clarify your standpoint. Our services include writing press materials, drafting statements, and acting as your spokesperson.


We conduct crisis audits, and risk and gap analyses to identify potential reputation risk. We prepare crisis communication plans that prevent or minimize negative reputation impact. Crisis trainings and simulations ensure that your organization acts from a position of strength when the time comes.


A crisis is a learning opportunity. We evaluate the reputation impact of the crisis and develop a plan towards rebuilding. Let us advise you on how to improve your communication procedures and processes to build corporate resistance.

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