Leadership Communication

We help corporate leaders to strategically manage their public visibility, and resonate with audiences through coaching and media trainings.

Learn from the pros. Personal experience in successful leadership communication is the key to Westermann Advisors’ purpose-driven and individualized training.

CEO Positioning

We develop a public visibility strategy for you that builds maximum reputational equity. Working with you to define your personal brand, we advise you on how to stake out intellectual territory and implement a Thought Leadership plan to inspire and motivate others. We create a Thought Leadership program that promotes credibility, trust and fuels PR opportunities.

Communication Skills and Media Training

We prepare you for public appearances and help you communicate your message–authentically, succinctly and powerfully. To give convincing presentations and deliver inspiring speeches, you don’t have to be a natural on stage or relish the spotlight. Our trainings build confidence, empower you to express your vision and engage an audience.

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