The public is quick to judge – call us right away.

News about an allegation, a dispute, a court case or a dawn raid is spreading faster than ever. Media is tipped off by insiders, opponents, or authorities. They also have easy access to sensitive information. Once the story is out, the public has decided on who is guilty long before the case sees the courtroom. This is why it is so critical to speed up discovery and prepare your communication before the story hits the media. 

Not everything the lawyers need and want to know is relevant for communication purposes, and definitely not with the same urgency. Out of the large amount of information, we quickly identify the relevant pieces that help to tell your story.

Westermann Advisors can convey your viewpoint in a simple and easily understandable way. We put the charges in context and address the court of public opinion by presenting your case to the media. We have particular experience in dealing with complex financial and business law cases or patent disputes. 

We also provide communication support during Chapter 11 or bankruptcy proceedings – be it liquidation, auction, or turnaround and continuation. Professional communication supports all stages of the proceedings. Westermann Advisors ensures transparency for stakeholders; communicates a perspective for those affected; or informs about the liquidation of the company.