Not all consultants are equal.

You want to know if you are in the right hands? We are happy to discuss our expertise and experience with you personally. However, in most cases our assignments are confidential. Therefore, we do not make our clients or projects public. 

If required, we will provide references on a case by case basis, after receiving consent.

This discretion is something you, as our client, will also be able to rely on.

Here are some examples of the type of work we have done. Our previous mandates reach from cyber crimes to corruption cases; from high profile civil proceedings to dawn raids; from product recalls to patent disputes. We have dealt with a sudden cobra attack crisis as well as a slowly developing python style crisis; acting as advisors behind the scenes, as well as being the frontline spokesperson for our clients.

Our roles have been strategic advisor, project manager, sounding board, trainer, coach and sometimes moderator. We have formed and coordinated international support teams, provided on-site support locally, conducted strategy workshops, run simulations and trained management as well as employees.