Strategic Communications

We develop communication strategies that help executives achieve their business goals and enhance corporate reputation.

Westermann Advisors has vast experience in designing, improving and protecting corporate reputation in industries, such as manufacturing, technology, healthcare, industrial equipment and professional services. Insights are developed from the unique perspective of strategists who have previously acted both as external consultants and in-house decision-makers.

Communication Assessment and Planning

We create and implement communication plans that improve and protect your reputational equity.

Messaging and Storytelling

We assist you in formulating clear and concise messages to meet business objectives and engage your target audience. We help to tell strong stories that communicate abstract concepts and simplify complex messages.

Reputation Management

We manage your reputation to make it resilient and relevant to your stakeholders.

Thought Leadership

We develop a plan for you to communicate your vision and seize opportunities to be seen and heard.

Senior Advisory

We also act as a sounding board for heads of communication on implementing and improving existing communication strategies effectively.

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